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November 2015
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Win Pick 4 Lottery Winning Numbers

You can win Pick 4 lottery games twice a week, every week the EASY way to win pick 4, cash 4, daily 4, big 4 lottery games! Check out the proven results at the win pick 4 lottery system website.

The Pick 4 Cash Cow wins Georgia Cash 4 (17) times in 30 days ending 11/14/14

The Pick 4 Cash Cow wins North Carolina Pick 4 twice in one day (11/13/14) providing a total of 21 chances to win in 30 days ending (11/13/14).

Previously released results...
The Pick 4 Cash Cow wins Michigan Pick 4 22 times in 30 days period ending 12/13/13

The Pick 4 Cash Cow wins New Jersey Pick 4 15 times in 30 days period ending 11/24/13

The Pick 4 Cash Cow wins Connecticut Pick 4 12 times in 30 days - period ending 11/22/13

The Pick 4 Cash Cow wins Virginia Pick 4 (19) times in the last 30 days - period ending 11/17/2013

The Pick 4 Cash Cow wins Michigan Pick 4 11/15 and produced 19 Pick 4 wins in the last 30 days.

The Pick 4 Cash Cow won Florida Play 4 (17) times in the last 30 days for the month ending 11/2/2013

The Pick 4 Cash Cow wins GA Cash 4 on 11/13/2013 and produces 12 Georgia Cash 4 hits in the last 30 days.

Arkansas Cash 3
Mon, Nov 11, 2013 (505)

Delaware Pick 3
Wed, Nov 13, 2013 (737)

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postheadericon The Pick 4 System>Secrets and Strategies to Win Pick 4 Lottery Games

This system is currently being rewritten to make it the all new 2011 edition - the good news for you is... "The Pick 3 Warrior" now includes a simple and effective way for you to play and win the Pick 4 lottery games using an easy, effective dirty trick that often works. In fact, it produced 3 Pick 4 wins in one state last week... it is FREE inside "The Pick 3 Warrior" but only for a limited time. It will take you about 2 minutes to learn this very simple, effective Pick 4 strategy!

How to Win the Pick 4″ (Intermediate Level) $29.95
If you want to play and win the Pick 4 lottery I can show you how to do it easily and effectively! This 22 page lottery system details how to win the Pick 3 AND the Pick 4 using a new secret key which does not appear in either "How to Win the Pick 3 Lottery" or the "How to Win Pick 4 Lottery game" (Basic Edition).

Wow that letter so was powerful and personal and I can feel you with me! Man I'm so excited. I just have this intuition Marc that is literally out of this world and I have like $*** bucks in hand I've been sitting on for 2 weeks didn't play anything and I played the numbers you game me for Illinois. That will give me $*** if it hits and I'm going to play that number in Ohio as well. I didn' t play it tonight. I just felt like your system was what I've been looking for. I promise you that I just typed in how to win the pick 4 and your site came up and man I don't know I just felt like I needed to trust you to leap empty handed into the void and just rely on extreme trust and I'm glad I did. No one not Steve Player or Mike K no one keeps in contact with their students the way you do and I'm going to do my best to make you proud. I want to be a power player and I want to hit big like you guys! I know I can and like I said I'm going to make you proud. You just watch and see. I'm so sincere to this you have no idea.
You have a great system. Show me what states to play and which states to stay away from and let's get it. I'm so excited. I can't thank you enough!

This release shows you how to play the Pick 3 AND the Pick 4 lottery games, here's an overview of what's included;

1. Once a week a ’special event’ takes place and you will KNOW when it happens. It happens EVERY WEEK and without fail, it’s GUARANTEED to happen in EVERY state!

2. You will immediately know which numbers to play and when to play them based on this once a week event. Once the event happens the numbers do not change until the next event. You constantly play the same series of numbers. It takes less than one minute to find the numbers to play!

3. Astounding results! In recent tests the key was supplied to a system purchaser who accurately describe it’s power as “awesome” and “fantastic” as it produces hit after hit. In fact, a couple of weeks ago it produced five hits in four days including a direct Pick 4 win! In another state it won every day throughout the week of testing! This key is so powerful not even ’stop flags’ can stop it – it just keeps on hitting all the time, it’s truly amazing yet so simple and the secret has been staring you right in the face all these years and you never saw it. You will be blown away in the power this incredible key delivers!

4. This is a stand-alone system and requires no previous knowledge of other lottery systems. In fact, it's ideal for first time players too! As always, no pen and paper workouts, no computers or software required and this one takes less than one minute to reveal the numbers about to hit the game!

“How to Win the Pick 4 Lottery” (Intermediate Edition)
Winning the Pick 4 lottery games becomes easier as I show you how to focus on the Pick 4 games to win!

1. Introduction to a NEW "KEY" system to unlock and win the Pick 4 Lottery games!
2. The NEW Secret Key to win the Pick 3 game week after week!
3. My “Dirty Little Secret” to win BOTH games consistently!
4. Tips on how to 'form' your Pick 4 numbers for straight hits!
5. Works on the Pick 4 AND the Pick 3 using a 'dual' purpose key!

It’s an awesome package and the secret key alone is worth it’s weight in gold due to how well it works and how frequently it works… often times several times a week! As can be seen on the front of this site when it produced TEN hits on the Georgia Cash 3 in seven days! And here is the "Dual Purpose" key in action last week on the Florida Cash 3 and Florida Play 4 lottery games;

Florida Lottery Cash 3 AND Play 4

Six FL Cash 3 winning numbers and one Pick 4 win using ONE simple key! This specially designed 'secret key' works to win the Cash 3 and Pick 4 games!

Florida State Pick 3 Pick 4
Midday Evening Midday Evening
Sat, May 29, 2010 0-8-8 8-8-0 6-5-6-3 4-3-7-0
Fri, May 28, 2010 4-5-9 8-7-8 3-8-4-2 9-7-7-5
Thu, May 27, 2010 3-3-7 0-7-9 7-7-4-9 2-3-6-7
Wed, May 26, 2010 4-0-4 0-8-4 6-0-4-6 9-5-4-4
Tue, May 25, 2010 6-0-6 1-5-5 8-6-5-9 0-4-0-2
Mon, May 24, 2010 5-1-1 2-9-8 7-8-3-6 2-5-1-6
Sun, May 23, 2010 3-9-4 7-7-5 7-8-4-0 1-9-6-1
Sat, May 22, 2010 0-4-2 7-8-1 0-3-8-9 9-4-6-9

It takes less than 30 seconds to use the key! No computer or software required and NO pen and paper workouts. It works in all states and on ALL Pick 3, Cash 3 and Daily 3 numbers games AND the Pick 4 and Play 4 lottery games.

You get it all as a complete, stand-alone system (no previous knowledge of the Pick 3 or Pick 4 game is necessary!) as the 20 page lottery system manual reveals all you need to know.

Please note: This is NOT the same system or publication which is provided with "How to Win Pick 3 Lottery Games" that publication is a FREE bonus and does NOT contain the Dual Purpose Key or any of the information you are purchasing today. This is a far more powerful system! Like they say, you get what you pay for... and ALL of this publication is contained within "The Elite Player Manual" originally name "How to Win the Pick 4 Lottery" (Advanced Edition) but grew to 192 to include the Pick 3 games too! Now that publication is THE ultimate daily lottery bible.

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