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November 2015
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Win Pick 4 Lottery Winning Numbers

You can win Pick 4 lottery games twice a week, every week the EASY way to win pick 4, cash 4, daily 4, big 4 lottery games! Check out the proven results at the win pick 4 lottery system website.

The Pick 4 Cash Cow wins Georgia Cash 4 (17) times in 30 days ending 11/14/14

The Pick 4 Cash Cow wins North Carolina Pick 4 twice in one day (11/13/14) providing a total of 21 chances to win in 30 days ending (11/13/14).

Previously released results...
The Pick 4 Cash Cow wins Michigan Pick 4 22 times in 30 days period ending 12/13/13

The Pick 4 Cash Cow wins New Jersey Pick 4 15 times in 30 days period ending 11/24/13

The Pick 4 Cash Cow wins Connecticut Pick 4 12 times in 30 days - period ending 11/22/13

The Pick 4 Cash Cow wins Virginia Pick 4 (19) times in the last 30 days - period ending 11/17/2013

The Pick 4 Cash Cow wins Michigan Pick 4 11/15 and produced 19 Pick 4 wins in the last 30 days.

The Pick 4 Cash Cow won Florida Play 4 (17) times in the last 30 days for the month ending 11/2/2013

The Pick 4 Cash Cow wins GA Cash 4 on 11/13/2013 and produces 12 Georgia Cash 4 hits in the last 30 days.

Arkansas Cash 3
Mon, Nov 11, 2013 (505)

Delaware Pick 3
Wed, Nov 13, 2013 (737)

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postheadericon Win Pick 4 Lottery System

Win Pick 4 Lottery System

How to Win the Pick 4 Lottery -
The odds of winning the Pick 4 are 10,000:1 to against you if you play a random number ticket. Now, I will show you some dirty tricks and hidden secrets to minimizing those odds. Using one trick produced 13 Pick 4 hits in 30 days in one state alone! This lottery system also contains a “Dual Purpose” key to unlock the Pick 3 and the Pick lottery games which is VERY powerful – in Florida it produced 6 Pick Cash 3 wins and 2 Pick 4 wins in one week. The same week in Georgia it produced ten Cash 3 wins.

For years, the secrets to winning games such as Cash 3, Daily 3 and the Pick 3 remained my closely guarded secret. I told no one how I did it. I created my own system, one that didn’t require the use of a computer or pen and paper workouts. It was all done in my head and I could pick winning numbers on any Cash 3 lottery game in under three minutes flat, guaranteed. After many years, I finally released my “Win Cash 3 Lottery System” back in late November 2009 and since then sales have exceeded all expectations as word of mouth has spread as people realize my system really works.

The “Win Cash 3 Lottery System” has now been completely rewritten and released July 1, 2010 In addition I have released “The Pick 3 Panther” a stand-alone Pick 3 lottery system which is the perfect enhancement to this publication. It obtains its power from the power of pairs and shows how to play between one and three numbers for a straight win. This is a complete, powerful strategy designed for the serious player who wants to make BIG $$$ from the daily Pick 3 lottery games. The focus is to ‘hammer’ one or two numbers straight for a $5,000 to $10,000 hit. It’s very powerful and completely new. One purchaser made $5,500 the same day it was released!

Feel free to visit to see what people say about this highly acclaimed lottery system and you will soon see why people rave about it!

During my years as Cash 3 pro I analyzed many systems and they all failed at some point. I filled my head with useless information such as hot and cold numbers, sums, pairs, number frequency and on and on it went. The only person making money was the person I was buying the system from. It seemed that the more I ‘knew’ the less I actually won.

There are hundreds of lottery systems out there and they all claim to improve your odds of winning, yet their expectations fall short. I realized the game was easy to win but I needed to unlock its deepest secrets. Over time I realized my dream and saw the game in a whole new light, I uncovered the secrets to winning. It was a simple so system that I could teach it to a child and they would pick winning numbers, in less than three minutes!

Now, with years of number analysis behind me and the experience I have, I am about to share with you a very special secret which will enable you to increase your chances of winning the Pick 4 lottery game in any State.

I promise you this… you will never look at any Cash 3 or Pick 4 game the same way again!

A journey of one thousand miles begins with a single step – the first step for you to take is simple, yet difficult. I want you to forget everything you “think” you know about the Cash 3 and Pick 4 lottery games… all that you know lead you to me, in search of yet another lottery system. If you had a sound knowledge and understanding of the game you would not be looking for another system would you? You see, what is preventing you from winning the game is the sum of your ‘knowledge’ and experience… your head has been filled with so much ‘knowledge’ it’s actually preventing you from winning. Here are the facts, I can hand this lottery system to an 18 year old or a 70 year old, who has never played Cash 3 or Pick 4 games and knows nothing about what the game is or how it works. I know they will win within a matter of days, that’s a fact. I imagine you find that hard to follow, but it is absolutely true. You see, they are ‘pure’ and they are ‘innocent’ and they have not been contaminated by all the BS that you have stuck in your head. I apologize for being blunt, perhaps to the point of you taking it personally, but it is true. Your head has been filled with so much BS that is preventing you from winning the game.

I was like that too.

I bought every system out there, every piece of computer software and read anything and everything I could, just to get more knowledge and experience. After all, knowledge is power, right? Sure, it can be, if it helps you to win! Seems like the only ones making money from the lottery systems are those that are selling them. Believe me, I have tried them all, almost all were complete junk!

You need not know anything at all to win this game. All you need is to spend the next hour or two with me and I will show you how to win. I will show you with my proven system just how easy it can be to win the Cash 3 and Pick 4 and I will prove it using real states and real results and I would never insult you by throwing draw history from 1995 in your face. Why they do that, I shall never know, but they do.

Let’s start with what you don’t need. You do not need pen and paper. You do not need a computer or software. You do not need extensive draw history.

So, what do you need… first and foremost an open mind. I have all the proof here ready and waiting for you… but I need you to clear your head of all the preconceived notions that your head has been filled with! Here I tell you right up front, you do not need to know anything about the game, how it works or even what it is all about to win! Absolutely nothing. If you can read this language and you want to play to win I will show you how. It’s that simple.

But why would you trust me? I was a Cash 3 gambler. I won a lot of money playing Cash 3 and I lost even more. I always knew the game was simple to win, but my head was filled with so much ‘knowledge’ that it actually prevented me from winning. I spent endless hours on number analysis and checking different ‘systems’ to show me what stood the best chance to win, today. Sometimes I was right (even though it took hours!) more often than not, I was wrong.

I took time off from the game. I had to clear my mind and free myself so that I could literally see the light. It was the best move I ever made. It allowed me to see the game in a whole new light. I discovered how to unlock the game to expose its inner workings and I no longer wondered “why” a certain number hit. Over time, I perfected my system and it worked. I was no longer a Cash 3 gambler, I was a Cash 3 player and players make money, real money. Sure, I still lose, everyone does, there are no guarantees and losses are a part of playing BUT I win more than I lose and that’s the golden key to your success. Your goal should be to win far more than you wager over a set period of time. I can show you how.

Over the course of several years, I was offered substantial sums of money to reveal my secrets to winning and while tempted, I declined. It was my system, my baby and my creation and it enabled me to win. I kept it my closest guarded secret and told no one. I didn’t even write it down, there was no need. It was all in my head. Now as I get older, it makes sense that I pass the torch to others so that they too can see the glow from its eternal flame.

If you had already read this lottery system manual, you would be on your way to winning large sums of money. You would become a player instead of a gambler. I wonder how much my knowledge is worth. Well, I can tell you this… I receive emails from people all the time telling me that I changed their life. The fact and truth is, I cannot change your life, but I may be able to change the way you live it! I have people making thousands of dollars each and every week using my lottery systems.

Time and time again I hear that my system is worth hundreds of times the asking price and in a few minutes you will see why. I agree with them, this lottery system should sell for hundreds and maybe thousands of dollars, because it works.

This lottery system covers both the Cash 3 and the Pick 4 games – why? It’s simple, they go hand in hand. If you have any experience I am sure you have often seen similarities between the two games. It is true. All is about to be revealed, but be assured, you will be winning the Pick 3 and the Pick 4 with relative ease. If you just want to play the Pick 4, it’s your decision and your choice, personally I would advise playing both games, this is where you make real money and it helps cover any losses too!

Free Member Downloads; Pick 3 Gold Rush (2013), The Top 10 Best Kept Secrets, The Pick 4 Cash Cow,
The Pick 3 Puma, The Pick 3 Viper, The Pick 3 Panther, The Pick 3 Cobra, The Pick 3 Warrior,
The Pick 3 Pyramid, The Pick 3 Monkey & The Elite Player Manual and more!
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