The Ultimate Player Package

If you are interested in winning Pick 3 triples or Pick 4 Quads, check here!

All manuals are in unprotected Adobe PDF Format for download and printing!

10 Simple Dirty Secrets to Win Pick 3 Lottery
Do you know there are 10 Special Secrets that if known, can help you win the Pick 3 and Pick 4 lottery time and time again and they can be yours today and you could win tonight, just like Tim from Florida who won the Florida Play 4 immediately after reading Secret #2 – he did this in one game. That was last Saturday. Today he used Secret Bonus #2 and won the Florida Cash 3 in one game, just by looking at the game. Tim isn’t an experienced or ‘pro’ player, all he did was read the secrets, read the free bonuses I included, then he looked at his game and saw what was active.

Another weekend purchaser lives in Georgia, he knew that the Georgia Cash 4 was ripe for cash and moved in on the Sunday PM game. He won in one game. Today, Monday he won the GA Cash 4 again. He has won two consecutive Pick 4 games simply by reading the 10 Secrets to Winning.
You may be able to do it too. You don’t need to be an experienced Pick 3 or Pick 4 player, all you need to do is read it from cover to cover and it’s power packed and fully illustrated to show you exactly what you are looking for. If you don’t see it, you don’t play. It’s that simple.
I may not be able to change your life, but I may be able to change the way you live it.

The Top 10 Secrets is driven by your desire to success and with Christmas just around the corner I am sure you could do with extra cash. This may be the way to get it.
Here’s the deal. The Top 10 Secrets to Winning will cost $97 in December and right now you can get it and the two free bonus items, all for $37 and it could change the way you think about the daily lottery games.

No play sheets. No workouts. See this and do this and yes, it is that simple.
(this secret manual is no longer sold, it is available in the Members Only area for free!)
I assure you it’s real and it’s here and it works on any ‘fast game’ which means you need to have 2 Pick 3 and 2 Pick 4 games per day like Florida, Georgia, Illinois, New York, Texas etc and not be limited by a slow game such as Arizona, New Mexico or Nebraska. Other than that, let me show you how much money can be made simply by knowing the best kept secrets to winning that took me many years to learn and master.

Here is an email just in from Stella in Georgia
“Hi Marc…want to thank u so very much for your dirty little secret #3!..just won str/box on the cash 4, 7660 here in Ga. THANK U!..didn’t play on line, but it’s worth $2,700, and I’ll take it!..going to collect now..have a great day!” (Stella, GA Cash 3 Player)

See, it is being done and it is so easy IF you know the secrets! Stella won in two days by using Top secret #3
I wish you much success.

The Pick 3 Puma (2014 Edition)
Available FREE to Members Only
Back by popular demand and better than ever before! If numbers such as (190) and (162) seem meaningless to you right now, don’t worry, I can change that quickly. Truth is, those numbers are showing you what’s about to happen on your game. I believe numbers ‘flow’ and are linked and associated in certain ways and when you see “The Pick 3 Puma” in action, I think you will agree! Numbers will mean far more to you than they do now and one number leads to another number, but how and why? Let me show you the simple way to look at numbers hitting your game and then you will know the numbers most likely to win cash 3, pick 3 or daily 3 soon! Now updated to include a Members Only win pick 3 system they’ve been using all year long – “The Pick 3 Gold Rush!” This winning pick 3 strategy shows you how to play 2-4 numbers on your pick 3 lottery for a fast straight hit. Let the game unfold and watch it closely, when you see ‘this’ happen, then all you do is follow the fully illustrated real games and you have a few numbers to play for a great chance of winning! As always, I show you everything using real games and make sure you’ve got power-packed illustrations to guide you, every step of the way. Plus, as a FREE Pick 3 bonus system, I tell you the basics about “Due Numbers” which are VERY powerful at winning the Pick 3, Cash 3 and Daily 3 lottery games, FAST! Often they will hit the same or the next day, it can happen as Due Numbers are very powerful. Imagine knowing the numbers most likely to hit.

The Ultimate Pick 3 Pairs System
New for (2014) – The Ultimate Pick 3 Pairs System includes “The Pick 3 Monkey” AND the highly respected “Pick 3 Panther” Plus, you get “The Power of Due Numbers” as a free bonus, all in one downloadable package.

A Pick 3 system for pairs – the difference is simple, The Pick 3 Monkey is the FASTEST pairs system you have ever seen. I show you how to hit with pairs in 1-6 games with the average being 4 draws on many states. I provide power-packed and fully illustrated manuals filled with real game examples and show you what to do every step of the way. That’s why most purchasers never have a single questions, all they need to know is right there. The Pick 3 Monkey is a “Fast Pairs” system and you would play them when an opportunity to play is present on your game. Sometimes the hit comes in 1 game, other times it can take longer. I also show you HOW to get that all important 3rd digit for playing with the pair. This simple but HIGHLY effective technique will amaze you, believe it or not, the game can show you the third digit most likely to hit with the pair! I reveal that secret so that you can play the pair and hammer away on 1-3 hammer plays for straight hits and win cold hard cash to stuff in your pockets, time and time again. I also reveal the secrets to winning with pairs and how to follow the rules when it comes to content and format. Is it simple, yes – and you can win playing pairs, especially The Pick 3 Monkey “Fast Pairs” you’ll soon be on the road to cash in your pockets!

The Pick 3 Panther is the most respected of all as it explains and reveals far more than “The Pick 3 Monkey” and shows you what to look for over a longer period. In addition, you will get a thorough understanding of what pairs are and how to use them to stuff pick 3 cash into your pockets, not theirs! Some of the biggest Pick 3 winners have based their plays on “The Pick 3 Panther” as it shows how to format the pair for a straight hit.

Now includes – “The Power of Due Numbers” what they are and why they are so powerful to win daily lottery games such as win pick 3, Daily 3 and Cash 3. I show you how to use pairs as doubles and how to wager on them for a straight hit and how to be GUARANTEED WINNER if a pair hits. Also revealed, the #1 reason why pick 3 players lose! Don’t let this be you. I show you what to avoid and what to do to ensure you are a pick 3 player and not a gambler and why it’s so important to winning pick 3 lottery games.

Note: Many players use “The Pick 3 Monkey” or “The Pick 3 Panther” in conjunction with “The Pick 3 Warrior” as they blend extremely well together in predicting even more powerful numbers to win daily 3 lottery games, including Cash 3 and pick 3 lottery games. The 80 page combo manual is fully illustrated (as all manuals are) providing step-by-step examples on real games as they were unfolding. I show you what to look at and what to ignore, the idea is to get the win and grab the cash, fast!

The Book of Pyramids (2014)
Available FREE to Members Only
Let the undisputed power of the Pyramids work for you! This lottery system and strategy requires a pen and paper workout once a week and it takes only a few minutes. I show you what to do and when to do it. Works on any Pick 3 and Pick 4 lottery games. You play the same set of numbers (6 for Pick 3) and only 4 on the Pick 4 lottery. You play them for a week. On average you hit once about every 10 days and it’s not unusual to hit straight. This wee in Florida the 6 created numbers produced two STRAIGHT Cash 3 wins within a few days. Imagine playing Pick 4 with odds of 10,000 against you, and playing only 4 numbers for a chance to win. The Pick 3 and Pick 4 Pyramids are available for the first time to the public, the Members Only area has had them since 2010 and now it’s your turn. Works on slow games like Nebraska and Arizona too!

“The Top 10 Dirty Secrets” to win Pick 3 and Pick 4 lottery games!
Imagine “The Top 10 Secrets” revealed to win Pick 3 and Pick 4 lottery games and it’s updated to included even more FREE bonus secrets. Click the book image to see what you really need to know to play and win Pick 3 or Pick 4. This is the one YOU wanted me to bring back for public sale and again, it’s available but only for a limited time. If you are looking for a collection of pick 3 secrets, strategies and methods that work to win pick 3, daily 3 and win cash 3 lottery, then this is ideal for you! This is an updated (2014) version. One year license to use provided from purchase date.

I do not accept PayPal, credit or debit cards for this purchase. It is available for purchase the same day when using cash and if interested in this amazing package deal, email me and I can show you how to get it all today.

Get Up To $100 Cash Back Rebate!

The private Members Only area allows you to access and download ALL the lottery systems not available to the public to Turbo-Charge your game play. Recently added “Pick 4 Cash Cow Fast Hits” which shows you the BEST triads to play that often work within two days. Another Cash Cow add-on shows how 22 Pick 4 hits were obtained in Georgia in June 2012 without playing the game for two weeks! In Michigan this Top Secret method produced 19 Play 4 hits in Florida in June 2012 and in Florida it produced 16 Play 4 hits! In Texas we observed 9 Pick 4 hits using this Members Only method!

The Ultimate Player Package $299

Less any rebate for purchases made in the last 60 days, with a maximum rebate amount of $100. The Ultimate player Package deal is NOT available with credit or debit cards payment. All lottery systems in this amazing package are pure Adobe PDF documents and may be printed and used on a any device, tablets, Macs, iPad anything!

As a previous purchaser you may receive a rebate of up to $100 discount off the normal price of $349 (for any systems you purchased within the last 60 days) AND I will throw in 3 months access to my private, “Members Only” website. Here you will find every Pick 3 and Pick 4 lottery system I created and released, plus all the systems I decided NOT to release to the public and keep private inside my Members Only site. You will also receive the highly acclaimed “Elite Player Manual” which retailed for $295 all by itself. This is the ONE and ONLY way to obtain access to the Members Only download area.

Here’s a small part of what’s included:
The Pick 3 Gold Rush ($24.95)
The Top 10 Best Kept Secrets ($37)
The Pick 4 Cash Cow ($49.95)
The Pick 3 Puma ($24.95)
The Pick 3 Viper ($24.95)
The Pick 3 Panther ($24.95)
The Pick 3 Cobra ($24.95)
The Pick 3 Pyramid ($19.95)
The Pick 3 Monkey ($24.95)
The Elite Player Manual (230 pages!)
The Pick 4 Systems (All of them!)
The TOP Secret PDF Documents showing step-by-step how to win the games!

Plus you get ALL listed below!
Here is a complete listing of the downloads section as of 9/2/2013

Texas Multiple Wins Made Easy
Top 10 Secrets Revealed (2014) Version 2.6
Core Basics
Pick 4 Lottery Games – Combinations and Probabilities
The Pick 3 Chaser
RJ on NC Pick 3
Indiana Pick 4 – 17 Hits in 30 Days
Using the 4/5 Day Windows to Win Missouri
Steve Shows the Full Moon Oct Hits
FL Play 4 Hits
GA Pick 4 Hits
NJ Pick 4 Hits
NC P4 Hits
TN P4 – Updated
TN & NC P4 – original
The Pick 4 Advantage!
Vampire Cash (36 hits in 7 days)
Common Sense Wagering
Simple and Basic Stuff to Win the Pick 3
Is a Triple Due?
3 Consecutive Numbers
Maryland Pick 4 Hits 2
Maryland Pick 4 hits 1
Illinois Pick 4 Hits
Texas P4 hits
Georgia Cash 4 Hits
Florida POZ
Looking at Georgia Cash 3
Focus on the Game (PDF)
States Triples Listing
Summing it Up!
The Start of Days
Validating Triads – The Color Zones
Validating a Due Number – Learn This
Making You a Better Player – Version 4.1
Tri-state P4 hits
Kentucky Pick 4
Missouri Cash Cow Hits
Florida Play 4 Hits
The Pick 4 Pyramid
14 Days to Validate Due Numbers
South Carolina (19)
Tennessee P4 Wins
New York P4 Wins
New York P4 Wins
New Jersey Pick 4 Hits
Georgia Cash 4
Georgia Cash 4 18 hits
Florida State P4 Hits
Target 190X on Pick 4
Simple Things to Look for (PDF)
Look at Ontario Pick 3
Ontario Game Data
Florida Play 4 – Open Triads
North Carolina Gold Rush
A Triple Hit, Now What?
Consecutive Pick 4 Numbers
Pick 1 Pick 3 Number & Win
Best Pick 4 Triads to Play? (PDF)
Pick 3 Gold Rush (PDF)
Pick 3 Information (PDF)
Selecting & Validating P4 Triads (PDF)
The Viper and Hammer Numbers (PDF)
The Top 10 Best Kept Secrets
The Elite Player Manual previously sold for $299 by itself.
Ontario Pick 4 (PDF)
Repeating Numbers (PDF)
The Pick 4 Cash Cow – Version 4.2 (PDF)
Florida.Georgia.Triads (PDF)
More Easy Florida Cash (PDF)
What to Do to Win (PDF)
FL – A Perfect Aged Triad (PDF)
The Pick 4 Cash Cow – V3.7 (PDF)
The Best Pick 4 Triads (PDF)
Virginia Pick 4 (PDF)
A Look at Virginia P3 & P4 (PDF)
North Carolina P4 hits (PDF)
The Pick 4 Cash Cow Penn State (PDF)
The Pick 4 Cash Cow Texas Hits (PDF)
Florida Play 4 (PDF)
South Carolina P4 Hits (PDF)
Florida State P4 Hits (PDF)
Illinois Pick 4 hits (PDF)
Tennessee P4 hits (PDF)
Ontario Pick 4 & Any Pick 4 Game (PDF)
Basics of Data and Game Play (PDF)
FL-GA 14 Day Triad Report (PDF)
Pick 4 Cash Cow Strategy – V3.0 (PDF)
Player or Gambler – Common Mistakes (PDF)
Nothing in the Center (PDF)
Create a Strategy – Part 1(PDF)
Create a Strategy – Part 2
Georgia State Cash 4
Florida State Cash Cow (PDF)
The Right Way to Play Pick 3 or Pick 4 (PDF)
Seven (PDF)
Standard Wagering Techniques (PDF)
Pick 4 Cash Cow Fast Track Hits AGED TRIADS (PDF)
Brandon on Zero games (PDF)
Playing the Pair (PDF)
Simple Pairs and Fast Pairs (PDF)
Brandon on Florida (PDF)
Using WHP on a Game (PDF)
Brandon on Florida Triads (PDF)
Virginia WHP (PDF)
Game Play Revealed (PDF)
Simple Pair Play (PDF)
WHP Info Advanced (PDF)
Using WHP Info – Basic (PDF)
Florida Trend (PDF)
The Pick 4 Cash Cow V3.0 – Revised (PDF)
Florida – Updated (PDF)
New York (PDF)
Maryland (PDF)
Texas (PDF)
Washington DC – A Golden Egg? (PDF)
Pick 3 Puma (2012) V2.7
Due Numbers Revealed & Made Simple (PDF)
Georgia Hot Pairs (PDF)
The Pick 4 Cash Cow V1.2 (PDF)
The Numbers List
Doubles Often Mean Nothing
Zero Pairs Placement
Florida Cash 3 Windows (PDF)
Pick 4 Triads & Power Plays (PDF)
New Jersey – Simple & Fast (PDF)
Keeping a Game Simple (California PDF)
Fast and Hard Illinois
Hammering the Pick 4 (PDF)
The Florida Cash 3 (PDF)
Good to Know (PDF)
Christmas Wins & New Year Strategy (PDF)
Core Training Numbers (PDF)
Erik Playing Michigan (PDF)
California (55) Knowing Due Numbers (PDF)
FOUR Florida Wins in 10 Days (PDF)
Michigan State (PDF)
Gary’s Florida Play 4 Workout (PDF)
Workout & Review From Erik (PDF) 11/28/11
Pick 3 Warrior V2.0 (2012 Edition)
Kinjite – The Best Kept Secrets (PDF)
How to Make Money Fast! (PDF)
Ultra Fast Pairs (PDF) Example
The 9 Steps (PDF)
Useful Overview (PDF)
Pick 3 Monkey (Fast Pairs) – PDF
Florida Play 4 – Fast & Easy Cash (PDF)
How the Cash Was Fun (PDF)
The Pick 3 Viper V2.3 (PDF)
Florida Should Have Been Criminal (PDF)
Win the Florida Play 4 (PDF)
The Perfect Storm – Playing to Win! (PDF)
Illinois Doubles Drought – Cobra (PDF)
Understanding “Due” Numbers (PDF)
Understanding CP/VSP (PDF)
Connecticut New Pick 4 Opportunity NEW 8/30/11
How to Win Pick 3 and Pick 4 (PDF) (8/28/11)
Win Pick 4 Triads
Win P3 & P4 in North Carolina in 1 day
EZ Pick 4 System Fast & EZ Pick 4 System
The Pick 3 Pyramid (PDF)
Simply View the Game
The Pick 3 Warrior V1.98
Helpful Pair Tips (PDF)
Pick 1 Number & Win (PDF)
The Pick 3 Cobra (PDF)
My Secret Pick 4 Window (PRE-RELEASE PDF) 12/20/10
Pick 4 Window (PDF) 12/20/10
Panthering the Florida Game (PDF) 12/18/10
Fast & Decent Cash from NY (PDF) Part 1 12/18/10
NY TGIF (PDF) Part 2 12/18/10
The Pick 3 Puma – Updated (PDF) 12/13/10
Winning Pick 4 in 5 Days (PDF) V1.5 12/9/10
If You are Losing Money (PDF) 12/9/10
New York TGIF & Panther (PDF)
Georgia State (PDF) 12/4/10
Hot & Cold in Georgia (PDF)
Georgia Peaches (PDF)
Pick 3 Warrior 2011 (PDF)
Florida EZ Wins (PDF)
Georgia State – Quick Look (PDF)
The Pick 3 Viper (PDF)
Zero to Win Four (PDF)
Advanced SNR Techniques V2 (PDF)
The Pick 4 Slam (PDF)
The Base Key – Exposed (Part One) PDF
Elite.Player.Manual.V2.5 (ZIP FILE) Elite Player Manual V2.5 (PDF)
The Power of 12 Long Format (PDF)
The Power of 12 Short Format (PDF)
The Power of 12 Variation Format (PDF)
Pick 3 Panther V3.5 (PDF)
“The Amazing Win Cash 3 Lottery System” (Original Full Version) (July 2010)
How to Win the Pick 4 (Intermediate Level)
Panther Professional (PDF)
Effective Panthering 101 (PDF)
Is My VSR Dead or Just Sleeping? (PDF)
The Power of Pairs V2.0 (PDF)
Using TGIF to win Pick 4 (PDF)
Power of Pairs – Revealed (PDF) (Revised 6/29/10)
The Florida Panther
Advanced Coaching (Example PDF)
The Pick 3 Warrior (Unfinished PDF)
All State Breakdowns (.ZIP)
Blank Templates (.ZIP)
Know When a Double Will Fall (Unreleased PDF)
The Panther Exposed & Revealed (PDF)

Useful PDF Reports:
GA Cash 3 Revisited (PDF)
Looking at Georgia (PDF) 10/28/10
History Key (PDF)
Florida History Key (PDF)
Secrets and Truth to the Zero
FL-IL-OH Panther Example
Using the TGIF Key in Florida (October 2010)
Illinois “531″ and Breakdown (PDF) 7/7/10
Maryland Workout – J.R. and Marc Workout (PDF) 7/4/10
Georgia State Panther (PDF) 7/3/10
Florida Panther Report (PDF) 7/3/10
Illinois & Iowa Panther Numbers (PDF) 7/3/10
Platinum Members Report (Texas, Florida, Georgia & Illinois – 6/26/10)
Tennessee State Report (PDF) 6/27/10
New York State Report (PDF) 6/27/10
Maryland State Report (PDF) 6/27/10
Michigan State Report (PDF) 6/27/10
Florida State Review (PDF) 6/27/10

Here’s links to the items available on the “Lottery Systems” page –
The Power of Pairs Revealed! V2.0
A short but highly educational PDF detailing the true and undisputed power of pairs. This PDF takes you from basic to advanced knowledge on what a pair is and what to do with it to make some serious cash!

The Miss Barbara Key: Release V1.2 (6/02/10)
Very easy to play and win with this lottery system submitted by Miss Barbara and as you will see on the Illinois Game I tested it with, it works! Be sure to take a look and see it in action! It could be exactly what you are looking for – simple and fast to play and win.

The Magical Pyramid Key V1.5
Completely revised with more details, workouts and explanations! This is a pen and paper workout you can do once a week to show what’s likely to happen in YOUR state this coming week. Here I used Georgia State AND Florida State as examples. This can help you filter and win straight! Just updated to show some back testing in Georgia! This often hits straight and shows singles and expected doubles! This is a pen and paper workout, but it doesn’t take long and is easy to do!
Download: The Magical Pyramid (PDF Document)

The 50/50 Doubles System
This is a very simple, yet effective system is now available to all members, free of charge! To see how it works and in action on a real game in California,

The One Line Hammer
This PDF shows you what every 3 ball lottery player should be searching for… see this and then get ready to make some really big money. It’s the ultimate money-maker!

The Power of “0″
Short and concise post reveals a little known secret. Use this to add credibility to number predictions obtained from the “Win Cash 3 Lottery System” can also be used as a quick stand-alone system!

The Power of Pairs
Pairs are the bases for all that happens in the game and they are very powerful indicators of what is about to happen in the game.

Pick 4 Predicts Cash 3 Wins
Here I show you a simple technique using the Pick 4 lottery game to predict what may hit on the Cash 3 lotto game.

Simple Pairs System
Here we use the Cash 3 and Pick 4 history to look for possible pairs to fall in the Cash 3 lottery game.

Weekly Rollovers
Never underestimate the saying “History will always repeat itself”

One of the Pick 4 systems shows you how it won 13 times in 30 days! The latest Pick 4 System “Slamming the Four” and “Pick 4 in 5″ will blow you away. In July it won the NC Pick 4 several times in just 10 days! It won the NC Pick 4 Fri, Jul 15, 2011 with (5007) within 24 hours of starting to play. These two Pick 4 systems will amaze you with their fast hits and the cash flow they can bring. Remember, the Pick 4 has odds that are significantly higher than the Pick 3 and the game is much harder to win. But with the Pick 4 systems I created personally, the games can be easy to win and you will win without pen and paper workouts and you don’t even have to know anything about the game to play or win.

Plus, hundreds of “Top Secret” PDF documents showing you how I tear the Pick 3 and Pick 4 games apart to get to the core of the game and expose exactly what’s about to happen. Once you see these dirty tricks and secrets exposed, you will be able to do it with ease! The Members Only area is the one and only resource you need to play and win the Pick 3 and Pick 4 lottery games.

How much would you be willing to offer me if I were to reveal ALL the secrets to winning that I know? Many previously offered me thousands of dollars to reveal the secrets to winning the Cash 3 and Pick 3 lottery games. I reveal everything and I guarantee the knowledge you will gain (it will take you months to learn all this!) but once learned, you will have the same knowledge I do. All you then need is experience and that will come.

So, there you have it – The ultimate dream – $349 for ALL the knowledge, secrets and dirty tricks to winning the Cash 3, Pick 3 and Pick 4 lottery games. Think about it, if you hit once in your life straight, this entire package is about half of that win and while I cannot promise to change your life, it may be possible for you to change the way you live it. Like anything, the more effort you put into learning all I have written, the better your chances of success. Simply purchasing and glancing at the pages will not support any success. You have to read, watch, learn, look and once you absorb all I reveal, you will be on your way to winning the Pick 3 and the Pick 4 with confidence and simplicity. The simpler you keep the game, the easier it will be to win. Numbers never lie, they follow rules and armed with the knowledge and rules I reveal, you will see how they point the way towards the win.

Gambling is addictive. I ask that you play sensibly and responsibly. Never use household or ‘bill’ money to play and game of chance. The Pick 3 is a lottery game, one they claim to be of chance or of luck. The odds of winning the Pick 3 and Cash 3 lottery is 1,000:1 The odds of winning the Pick 4 is 10,000:1 The odds are stacked against you. But, using my Pick 3 and Cash 3 lottery systems, you will be able to substantially lower those odds!

3 Months Members Only Access – Free with purchase of “The Ultimate Pack” that’s a $49.95 Value!
Full Members Only access and continually updated game data showing the latest results for the top 12 games in the USA showing you what’s about to happen on the game.

The above information is updated twice a day for the Top 12 States. Once you learn the systems you will be able to look at the data above and have a very good idea of what is likely to fall on your game.

Details are available inside The Pick 3 Warrior lottery system manual. When you are ready to super-charge your Pick 3 game beyond your wildest expectations, just add the Ultimate Player Pack It’s the absolute ultimate package and remember, “The Elite Player” manual sold for $295 all by itself without site membership or any other lottery systems included.

Each module has been designed to deliver truly amazing power comes from seamless integration with The Pick 3 Warrior as each add-on can and frequently does, validate exactly what the Pick 3 Warrior is showing you, but in a new and innovate way. Once you see two alerts for the same number you will gain more confidence and be able to wager heavier on certain numbers. Imagine wagering for $10 instead of $1 and winning Pick 3 lottery games for $5,000 to $9,000 instead of $500 – $900 Adding a modular expansion ‘add-on’ can offer excellent financial returns to all Pick 3 players.

In the meantime the solid foundation to win Pick 3 lottery and Cash 3 lottery games is and should be, “The Pick 3 Warrior” This simple to learn, power packed Cash 3 and Pick 3 lottery system provides the secrets to unlock any Cash 3 or Pick 3 lottery game in less than 3 minutes and you are about to discover how easy it can be to win the daily lottery games.

So, with purchase of “The Ultimate Pack” you get the 3 months free Members Only access ($49.95 value) and the Elite Player Manual ($295 value!) and ALL the add-on superchargers and every Pick 4 lottery system you could ever want or need to get the hits. Plus, you receive unrestricted access to the downloads section and get all the secret PDF documents with systems that were never released to anyone, at any price.

The Pick 3 Warrior knowledge is required in order to use the add-on systems.

How to Purchase:
Due to extensive credit card fraud the ultimate player package is NOT available by credit card. Please contact me at the email address provided within the Pick 3 Warrior and I will explain how to purchase and you’ll have full access the same day. It is safe, fast, simple and secure while protecting my intellectual property.

Terms of Sale:
By placing your order you agree to the following Terms & Conditions of sale;

Intellectual Property Rights
You may not claim intellectual property rights or ownership over any lottery system, modified or unmodified. All lottery systems are protected by US Copyright which is actively enforced. The lottery systems are provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. In no event shall I/We be liable for any damages, including, but not limited to, direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages, or other losses arising out of the use of, or inability to use any lottery system.

Digital Download – (No Refund Policy)
I offer Adobe (PDF) format lottery systems for instant download after payment processing and so offering non-tangible, irrevocable, digital goods; I do NOT issue refunds, which you are responsible for understanding. All sales are final. You cannot cancel a lottery system purchase or receive refund for a purchase once made, since I cannot ‘take back’ the knowledge.

Yes, The Elite Player Manual is included too!

How much do you think my knowledge and experience is worth to you? If you saw me on a regular basis collecting winnings from your local lottery outlet, how much would you be willing to pay me for ‘the knowledge’ to play and actually win? I have been offered thousands of dollars to spend one day ‘teaching’ the secrets I know and who knows maybe one day you will see either me or one of my serious pro players on the road presenting seminars on how to win the games. For now, I present to you, all my knowledge and secrets to win and it’s an unbeatable price for a lifetime of knowledge and experience.

Please note: In order to purchase The Elite Player Manual you must have already purchased “The Pick 3 Warrior” since the Elite Player Manual does not duplicate the basic keys necessary to unlock the Pick 3 or Pick 4 lottery games. Don’t worry, the price of the Pick 3 Warrior will be deducted from the Elite Player Manual, so you don’t lose a dime.

The Elite Player Manual V2.5
Over 230 pages filled with all the dirty tricks, secrets and strategies to enable anyone to become a professional player on the Pick 3 and Pick 4 lottery games. This is the one and only way to acquire new keys, plug-ins and strategies to turbocharge your game play. Read this section to meet your new best friend, “The Pick 3 Panther” and how he can help you and he will!

Formerly known as “How to Win the Pick 4 Lottery” (Advanced Edition) it has a new name and since its introduction back in April 2010 (then 80 pages!) I have added even more content to make it better than ever and now includes 230 pages of exclusive, new keys, dirty tricks, strategies and secrets to win the Cash 3 AND the Pick 4 – It’s so much more than the Pick 4 and you’ll learn a LOT of new keys to deliver faster, supercharged results in both the Cash 3 and the Pick 4 and as always, it’s fully illustrated and power packed. If you thought you know all about the power of the “SNR” think again, I show you how to supercharge it for truly amazing results! But there is so much more…

Imagine having a KEY that can show you what number is predicted to fall in ONE game tomorrow, you choose either the day or night game and the key will reveal what number is most likely to fall AND in which position the number should appear! Imagine the potential for straight hits! The Elite Player Handbook is truly the finest lottery reference manual available anywhere at any price!

Want Pick 4 made simple? Of course, so I show you a secret way to play with astounding results! In one state I show how it produced 13 Pick 4 wins in ! The worst result? 5 Wins in ! Plus, I will tell you “HOW” to increase your chances of winning Pick 4 by over 70% There is so much more you should know and need to know and be assured, while this will take you to the next level.

Recently I shared a VERY powerful secret with “Elite Players” it’s been staring them in the face for years and they never saw it until I showed them… the responses have been overwhelming. This dirty little secret produced SIX hits in one state in three days, including a Pick 4 win. In another state it won Cash 3 twice in 2 days. Game play involves three sets of numbers, that’s all. It’s VERY powerful and VERY simple and it works almost all the time. All I can say is this… If you love simplicity and you want to win Cash 3 and would like to have another powerful Pick 4 key at your disposal, you should check this out. As always, no pen and paper and this one works in 60 seconds! It couldn’t be any simpler that this!

Also included are more new keys! One is the “SNK” and the other “The Bases Are Loaded!” This is an amazing brand new key which shows you what number may fall in tomorrows game, just from this one alert! The SNK will become your second best friend, it’s an awesome predictor! But the real power comes from “The Vampire’s Kiss” and the “POT KEY” – both of these are almost magical in the way the work, and they DO work very, very well.

The Best Keys:
The Elite Player Manual is the one and only place to obtain all the new keys, plug-ins and power packs, it contains them all. I had previously offered individual keys for sale for around $25- $40 each but they are now withdrawn. The Elite Player Manual contains all the new keys to turbocharge your game play.

Meet Your New Best Friend: “The Panther”
The latest edition to “The Elite Player Manual” is “The Panther” and once I had written the PDF instructions I sent it over to J.R. he read it over, looked over a couple of games he was monitoring (he monitors 26 games), and saw two states immediately meeting the criteria detailed in “The Panther” he played and won $5,500 that night. You will be blown away at how well this works and the power comes from playing between 1 and 3 numbers for a straight, direct hit. I reveal how to recognize the ‘wide open’ opportunities and all you need to do to reduce the number plays and then play and win, straight! You will be blown away at the results and this workout will take you about five minutes to do.

Who Should Buy The Book:
Nobody should purchase this extensive and comprehensive manual unless they are familiar with my initial release, “The Pick 3 Warrior” as it forms the base and foundation for all that is contained in “The Elite Player Manual”

If you believe you know and thoroughly understand how my original lottery system “How to Win the Pick 3 Lottery Games” (now known as The Pick 3 Warrior) works and you know how to use and implement the SNR, VSR etc and have seen their power and now you want to get greedy and make some serious cash, this is for you. But it is not the kind of book you should buy if you if you want to ‘glance’ at it. This is a serious book and while all you need to know is explained (in great detail) and it’s fully illustrated too! It will take you time and patience to absorb all I am revealing. This is a book you should print and keep at your side and refer to. It’s for serious players! Those who want to make lots of cash and like everything else, you will only get out of it, what you put into it. Simply buying the book and glancing at it once every week is not going to help. It must be thoroughly read and then test it on your game(s) and see it work!

A journey of one thousand miles begins with a single step… buying the Elite Player Manual puts you on the right track to possibly make a living from the daily games. If you master all I share with you, it may be possible to change the way you live your life. It’s my finest and I am extremely proud of the manual, it’s all I know.

Remember, numbers never lie. Numbers are clean and pure and they will always reveal themselves. Never chase the game, let the game come to you and you will win. Sit patiently and wait for a clear and open opportunity, then and only then, hit the game. If there are too many different possibilities and choices to play, walk away – let it settle for a few days, look over what happened and determine why… then play with a clearer mind and fewer choices. This is the way to play to win!

The Elite Player manual is worth hundreds of dollars – it is not available to the general public at any price. It is for those that want to know all that I know and reserved exclusively to purchasers of “The Pick 3 Warrior” since the Elite Player manual does not contain this information which is required to understand the Elite Player manual.

I look forward to helping you win the daily lottery games!

How to Order the Ultimate Package Deal

Thank you for your interest in purchasing “The Ultimate Player Package”
Please email me for information on how to get it, today!

I know the killer secrets that win!

Pick 3 Numbers

December 2014
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Pick 4 Lottery Winning Numbers

You can win Pick 4 lottery games twice a week, every week the EASY way to win pick 4, cash 4, daily 4, big 4 lottery games! Check out the proven results at the win pick 4 lottery system website.

The Pick 4 Cash Cow wins Georgia Cash 4 (17) times in 30 days ending 11/14/14

The Pick 4 Cash Cow wins North Carolina Pick 4 twice in one day (11/13/14) providing a total of 21 chances to win in 30 days ending (11/13/14).

Previously released results...
The Pick 4 Cash Cow wins Michigan Pick 4 22 times in 30 days period ending 12/13/13

The Pick 4 Cash Cow wins New Jersey Pick 4 15 times in 30 days period ending 11/24/13

The Pick 4 Cash Cow wins Connecticut Pick 4 12 times in 30 days - period ending 11/22/13

The Pick 4 Cash Cow wins Virginia Pick 4 (19) times in the last 30 days - period ending 11/17/2013

The Pick 4 Cash Cow wins Michigan Pick 4 11/15 and produced 19 Pick 4 wins in the last 30 days.

The Pick 4 Cash Cow won Florida Play 4 (17) times in the last 30 days for the month ending 11/2/2013

The Pick 4 Cash Cow wins GA Cash 4 on 11/13/2013 and produces 12 Georgia Cash 4 hits in the last 30 days.

Arkansas Cash 3
Mon, Nov 11, 2013 (505)

Delaware Pick 3
Wed, Nov 13, 2013 (737)

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The Pick 3 Puma, The Pick 3 Viper, The Pick 3 Panther, The Pick 3 Cobra, The Pick 3 Warrior,
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