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postheadericon Not So Basic Workout!

I wanted to show you a game where a LOT of things were going on at the same time, here it is and it is from last week in New Jersey. Here there were multiple conflicts concerning exactly waht to play. Of course, in the end, we made money and that is what I want you to know... even when things appear complicated, it's usually ALERTS and FLAGS that will save you and of course, some common sense. Here is how to decipher what is really going on with a game...

Sun, Jan 10, 2010 4-9-1 0-7-1 8-8-8-8 9-4-2-7
Sat, Jan 9, 2010 2-4-6 2-4-8 4-5-8-2 3-9-8-4
Fri, Jan 8, 2010 0-1-6 9-9-8 6-9-7-5 0-1-9-1
Thu, Jan 7, 2010 9-2-8 3-2-5 1-0-4-7 9-1-9-8
Wed, Jan 6, 2010 2-2-9 8-4-6 6-6-4-6 6-1-2-3
Tue, Jan 5, 2010 1-2-9 3-5-6 8-9-3-9 1-7-9-7
Mon, Jan 4, 2010 2-1-9 7-1-7 1-2-5-3 3-5-6-9

Minute One: Look for any and all VSR you can find and write them down.

Minute Two: Look for any and all SNR you can find and write them down.

Minute Three: Decide which numbers to watch or play.

Bonus Minute: Scan Pick 4 results (if or where available) to validate alerts, flags or numbers.

Read this post if you have no clue what a VSR is, but you should know by now and you NEED to know this!

Job One: Scanning for VSR - takes ONE MINUTE! I see TWO VSR's of "22" (between Tuesday and Thursday daytime results) They are also CP poisition and so carry some extra validation. I also see TWO VSR's of "99" between Monday and Wednesday daytime draws, a VSR indicates the likelyhood that the stacked number will fall as a double. Additionally, I see a VSR of "66" (daytime results on Friday and Saturday drawings). I see another VSR of "66" on the evening drawings (Tuesday and Wednesday) and a VSR of "88" from the evening drawings on Friday and Saturday.

Remember you are looking at a whole week of history here. You must be looking at least once a day for new patterns being created, this is VERY important! I look twice a day. I look after the morning draw and after the evening draw. I believe you could do that too then there are no surprises and you aren't saying you missed it.

VSR Summary: We have TWO VSR (CP) of "22" PLUS TWO VSR of "99" PLUS 1 VSR of "66" PLUS 1 VSR of "88" From all of these I would consider the "22" as being the best bet as it appears TWICE and it appears in the CP position. Write them down.

SNR - Tuesday daytime draw was 1-2-9 (SNR is "12") we think the "9" will come in as a double. On Friday daytime 0-1-6 was drawn, this is an SNR ("01") so we think the "6" may fall as a double. Wrtie them down.

Since we are trying to work on a lot of things happening on this game and believe me, the abount of VSR's that you are seeing here is very unusual. Sometimes, a weeks worth of history may not show any VSR at all. Here we have "22" VSR-CP as our primary and "99" as our secondary. Sure, they both showed twice, but the "22" remained in CP position both times, this is good! Next we have two SNR to take into account. What are they saying? Well, one is saying "9" will fall as a double and the other one suggests "1" will fall as a double. Therefore;

VSR 22 (shows CP and twice)

VSR 99 (shows twice)

SNR shows "9" and also "1"

Initially we thought the "22" was our safest bet, as it is in the CENTER POINT position (CP) and the "99" VSR was not. So we naturally have to give more credibility to "22" BUT we see we have a SNR indicating "9" to draw as a double.

I personally would play both the "22" and "99" and I would tend to believe that the "99" would be drawn before the "22" as it appeared first in our history file. As I would be watching this game daily, I would have seen the results unfold as they happend, on a daily basis, here we are seeingt he week as a whole. example...

Monday - I would NOT play! (no alerts to play!)

Tuesday - I see TWO things have happened very quickly! The SNR of "129" has been drawn (indicating an alert to play "99" as a double!) and I also see that a VSR has been created of "99" this is another FLAG ALERT for "99" to be drawn as a double. So in one day I have TWO FLAGGED ALERTS to PLAY "99"

Wednesday - I start playing "99" for 50c box, 50c straight ($1 per number) I play ALL possible variations of "99" to fall as a double and I bet $10 per game (2 games a day means $20 per day). I am playing "99" only. I now see a CP-VSR of "22" and add that to my mix for $20 per day wagers to cover all possible variations. So I am wagering $40 per day, $20 on the "99" and $20 on the "99" = $40 for today.

Thursday - My "99" has not hit, but that is okay. I stick with it as I do not see any STOP FLAG to drop it at this point and I know that it may take upto six days to hit. I remain calm and wait. Today I lost $20 in wagers, tomorrow is another day. I continue with the "22" wagers at the same time, so I loose another $20 on that today. Total losses for the day $40

Friday - I win - "998" hit. I win! My wagers cost me $80 but I won $330 (profit $210)

Saturday - I would wager $20 again on the "22"

Sunday - I would DUMP the "22" as another opportunity arises with the creation of the VSR for "66" I can either play that or see if we can validate this VSR of "66" somewhere else.

So is this how I would have personally played the game? To be honest with you, yes and no! I would have seen other things here... I would have wagered on the "99" and not the "22" even though we had two alerts to play the "22" and the VSR's were in the center point position. Sure, the "99" also had two alerts and it was repeating VSR's So why would I not have played the "22" it seems the prime choice?

Pick 4 crossovers!

We saw the first indicator the play on Tuesday when "129" was drawn. This is SNR showing "99" may fall. On the same day Pick 4 was kind enough to draw 1-7-9-7 (dump the double digit number of "7") leaves us with "1" and "9" being an indicator that these two numbers may fall as a double in Cash 3 soon. So this was another FLAG ALERT for the "99" to be drawn. On Wednesday I would have commenced wagering on "99" as I have a SNR ALERT and I have a P4C ALERT.

Note on Pick 4 Crossovers: Any Pick 4 number with a "7" in it is powerful and often times the remaining digits may be expected to fall in the Cash 3 game. Any Pick 4 number that is a double (4841) we take OUT the doubled number, in this case "44" and that leaves us with an indicatior that "8" and "1" may fall as a double. I use Pick 4 crossovers to validate any wagers I am thinking of making on Cash 3 lottery games. I do not rely on Pick 4 crossovers solely and nor should you.

The PDF file relative to this post (if any) and all posts made prior to June 22, 2010 is available in the complete PDF download available at this link. It contains any and ALL PDF documents which are all recommended reading in one form or another and I highly recommend download this package!

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