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Win Pick 4 Lottery Winning Numbers

You can win Pick 4 lottery games twice a week, every week the EASY way to win pick 4, cash 4, daily 4, big 4 lottery games! Check out the proven results at the win pick 4 lottery system website.

The Pick 4 Cash Cow wins Georgia Cash 4 (17) times in 30 days ending 11/14/14

The Pick 4 Cash Cow wins North Carolina Pick 4 twice in one day (11/13/14) providing a total of 21 chances to win in 30 days ending (11/13/14).

Previously released results...
The Pick 4 Cash Cow wins Michigan Pick 4 22 times in 30 days period ending 12/13/13

The Pick 4 Cash Cow wins New Jersey Pick 4 15 times in 30 days period ending 11/24/13

The Pick 4 Cash Cow wins Connecticut Pick 4 12 times in 30 days - period ending 11/22/13

The Pick 4 Cash Cow wins Virginia Pick 4 (19) times in the last 30 days - period ending 11/17/2013

The Pick 4 Cash Cow wins Michigan Pick 4 11/15 and produced 19 Pick 4 wins in the last 30 days.

The Pick 4 Cash Cow won Florida Play 4 (17) times in the last 30 days for the month ending 11/2/2013

The Pick 4 Cash Cow wins GA Cash 4 on 11/13/2013 and produces 12 Georgia Cash 4 hits in the last 30 days.

Arkansas Cash 3
Mon, Nov 11, 2013 (505)

Delaware Pick 3
Wed, Nov 13, 2013 (737)

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postheadericon Win Pick 3 Lotto – Pick 4 Lotto Systems and Strategy

Once a Cash 3 gambler now a Cash 3 Player - I created my lottery systems after realizing that all the time and money I had spent on Pick 3 lottery systems and endless hours of pen and paper workouts, just didn't work! It seemed that the more I 'knew' about the lottery games, the less I won. I knew there was a simpler way. I took time off from the game and devised and created a whole new approach to winning the lottery.

I had criteria that needed to be met. Nobody wants to spend their life workout out what numbers to play, not only is it time consuming, it's physically and emotionally draining! Oh, and it's useless too! That's right, you are wasting your time... in fact I can almost certainly guarantee you that everything you "think" you know about the lottery games, is absolute bull.
I assure you of one thing... "The Game Is Simple to Win!" I cannot emphasize that to you enough! Yes, you can win the Cash 3 and possibly the Pick 4 IF you know the hidden secrets to winning. Each game is the same, each game needs to be UNLOCKED before it can be won. I created my own winning lottery system and I started winning, time after time, hit after hit... how was this possible? I discovered a simple, highly effective way to unlock any state game in a few minutes. No pen and paper. No computer or software. My system is so easy and so simple, all you do is look at the game and if you learn the secret, it will all unlock right in front of you...BUT you need to know the "keys" to use. Like all locks, you need the key.
I kept my system to myself. Sure, I was offered large sums of money to part with it, but I told no one. It remained a closely guarded secret.

How much would you pay me if I told you right now, "I can show you how to win Pick 3 and maybe Pick 4 time and time again and you will know what numbers to play in a few minutes, just by looking at the game?" How much is that worth to you, right here, right now? Chances are it's worth hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to learn the secret to winning cash 3 repeatedly. I will show you all you need to know for under $50 and even that carries my unconditional guarantee of total satisfaction! You MUST be 100% convinced that all I say is true, otherwise your money will be cheerfully refunded. You see, I can make this statement right here, because I KNOW I can help you win the game! I know my system works. Here is what I will you will learn;

1. The game needs to be "unlocked" in order to win!
2. I will provide the "key" to unlock the game!
3. No pen and paper workouts, no computer or software!
4. Will NEVER go cold, it can't.
5. Works in less than three minutes, guaranteed!
6. Game play costs as little as $5 per game to win!
7. So simple, a kid can do it, easily!

Lottery Systems Summary:
Finally I reveal my hidden secrets to winning both the Pick 3 and Pick 4 lottery games. My original lottery system released late November 2009 and fully updated July 2010 This is the "Ultimate" Win Cash 3 lottery system. It shows you how to unlock any state lottery game in less than 3 minutes. The system manual is 60 pages thick and filled with power packed "keys" to unlock Pick 3, Daily 3 and Cash 3 lottery games. This comprehensive system uses MANY "keys" and will show you the way to win! works in 3 minutes to show you the winning numbers about to be drawn!

My Latest Release:
Designed as a stand alone system to win Cash 3 AND sometimes the Pick 4 lottery games! Makes an ideal plugin for the above lottery system and is very powerful to predict winning numbers in 1 minute flat. The system manual is just eight pages and filled with step-by-step instructions and results from late February 2010 showing how well it performs! I believe this to be one of the most powerful secrets to winning!

Here is the result using the NEW KEY on the Texas Pick 3 Lottery -
5 hits in four days from ONE key to unlock the game!
Works in 1 minute, no pen & paper workout!

Texas State Pick 3 Pick 4
Midday Evening Midday Evening
Wed, Mar 10, 2010 0-7-4 HIT 0-1-8 8-8-1-9 6-2-2-6
Tue, Mar 9, 2010 7-7-5 HIT 2-4-9 HIT 4-0-7-2 7-8-8-7
Mon, Mar 8, 2010 9-4-5 HIT 1-0-7 9-8-5-0 1-0-0-6
Sat, Mar 6, 2010 9-3-7 HIT 7-5-6 3-0-2-7 0-6-9-9

Unlocking the Pick 4 and Play 4 lottery games in 3 minutes or less with this effective Pick 4 lottery system! Works extremely well on Georgia Pick 4 and Florida Play 4 daily lottery games!

Disclaimer: No lottery system can win every game, every time. It's not possible. The lottery is a game of chance, of luck, and there is no guarantee you will win any prize. However, I can show you all the dirty hidden secrets behind the game that often reveal what's about to happen in your game. All lottery systems carry are 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Whatever you do, I wish you much success in your game play.
Please play responsibly, addiction is a terrible thing.

I stand behind my lottery systems with unconditional support to ensure you understand the system and how to implement it. If you have any questions, simply email me and I will assist in any manenr possible. I assure you of my personal attention at all times.

It took me many years to perfect my system and as I told you, I never revealed my system to winning, until late November 2009 - now I will show you all I know to win the Cash 3 lottery and possibly the Pick 4 lottery games to. The truth is, Cash 3 is much easier to win than the Pick 4 - yet, it's well documented that both of my lottery systems produce Pick 4 hits time after time.

NEW - July 2010 System to Win
My latest lottery system was released July 2010 and is highly recommended for beginners and advanced users alike. It is also a perfect companion to my "Win Cash 3 Lottery System" as it adds an additional and VERY powerful hidden key to further unlock the game at it's core. Make no mistake this "Beginners Lottery System" is extremely powerful, the results will blow you away. This system does not require ANY previous experience to work and win Cash 3, Pick 3 or Daily 3 lottery game. That's right, you could be a college student or grandparent or anything in between and still win! Works to produce Cash 3 winning numbers in less than one minute flat, guaranteed!

"How to Win the Cash 3 Lottery System"
Discover the secrets to all Cash 3 games from the core. This system requires a 3-5 day learning curve as I show you so much and so many secrets and strategies to win. During this time, you will master all that I know and once learned you will never look at the Cash 3 lottery game the same way, ever again! Ever wondered "why" that specific number fell? I will show you and it's so easy! Once you master the unlock process and know how the keys work, you will be able to unlock ANY Cash 3 game in less than 3 minutes!

This 60 system manual assumes very little knowledge of the game, it's all explained inside the step-by-step and power packed illustrations and examples of the wins it produces. This system utilizes several "keys" to unlock the game and frequently one key will compliment another thereby adding additional weight or credibility to the number selections - this tells you when to play heavy and hard! The power of this system is simple, you don't play the game every day. You sit, watch and wait until the game releases a 'key' and then you hit the game instinctively knowing what numbers should fall in the game. Often times the winning number is drawn that same day or within a few days. It's all explained, in depth, in the amazing "Win Cash 3 Lottery System"

How to Win Pick 4 and Pick 3 Lottery Games... Real testimonials from real people all received in the past 12 days.... ending March 5, 2010 all were unsolicited and based upon the purchasers personal experience with the lottery system.

Looking forward to reading new e-book.I was so excited when I played Cash 3 on doubles. Cashed ticket in won 100.00 on 5.00 tickets not bad. Went out bought treats for pets. Everyone had a smile. Thanks for all the support.
(Glee, USA)

Your talent and unbelievable manner of presenting your system is unmatched by anyone out there. Dude this is just crazy. I looked at Texas and all the wins in just several day is mind boggling to say the least!
(Mr. Diaz, Texas)

Wow, that’s all I have to say Marc…. I checked this out with the states I have…. very good…. Thank You you are alright….

(Anonymous, BC)

I’m not even past the 2nd page and I’m super duper excited! You’re the man! Special thanks for showing me how to unlock NC. I don’t hate it here so much anymore.
(Mr. J. N.C)

Loved the PDF, thanks…I used it last night in the Virgina pick4…on Tuesday and last night 7660 came in… thanks Marc your the man !!!
(Mr. Green VA)

Hi Marc, you are very smart.
(Steven, USA)

Hey Marc. For what it’s worth I really do appreciate the material you have shared with me. I’m not sure what type of response you’re getting, however, I do appreciate and acknowledge your hard work and efforts. So all in all…”thank you”. I’m sure you don’t hear that often enough LOL.
Jason. USA

New York Daily Lottery
Florida Cash 3 and Play 4 Lottery
4 HITS ALONE IN 1 DAY 2 IN NY AND 2 IN FLA (Cash 3 and Play 4 Wins)
Mr. B, USA

Illinois Pick 3 Lottery
579…WTG!!! You nailed it!!!!
Mrs. S – Illinonis

Always nice to see happy people winning time and time again… Nothing like the smell of free cash is there!
Truth is, there were many winners in many states, these are two people that wrote in to let me know about the excitement in winning… you think they’d be used to it by now, I know they are winning a lot but they still kick a get out of it, me too!


Thank you for your system…. I am very happy to cross paths with you… I too spent the last 15 years of my life study IN and IL numbers….. There are some ways I thought I had them down, and was wrong… Your system is great…. As of today, I just missed them ( Illinois midday) 12-20-10
(Jeff, IL)

(Mr. C, Online Player)

thank you marc, for everything !
(Danny, Mc)

Hello Marc,
I just thought I would update you on how wonderful you are…. I know I just rcv’d your system last week, and thanks to my very quick understanding of it…. I am proud to say that since last Sunday 2-21-10 I have won in 5 different states for a total of 7 times ( including today ) in illinois with 755 for $1500 bringing my total profit to over $2000 this week….. the question I have for you is ( and I am willing to pay now ) could I please buy early or ? your pick 4 system where I can really focus on some serious money…. even if it is not perfected, it does not matter to me….. I have all of the concept down on your current pick 4 thats here already, just wanted to do better with your new system….. I did hit 2 times the pick 4 this week just using your basic…. once on Sunday in illinois 0812 i think it was and then in GA on Wed with the 2387 but I am not normal, like I said I too have studied all different ways and numbers, in which has helped me understand your system very quick. and Marc I cannot thank you enough Your awesome. Thanks again Marc
(Jeff, USA)

Thank you for your system…. I am very happy to cross paths with you… I too spent the last 15 years of my life study IN and IL numbers….. There are some ways I thought I had them down, and was wrong… Your system is great…. As of today, I just missed them ( Illinois midday) 12-20-10
(Mr W, IL)

(Mr. C, Online Player)

thank you marc, for everything !
(Danny Mc)

just wanted to update everyone on how your system did yesterday and how it is still the most awesome system around hands down. I am amazed in by following your easy reading book on how possible it is for anyone to succeed. There were four wins in three states. Again and again your system continues to prove how easy it is pick constant winners. Thank you for all that you do for all us and the continuous support that you provide on your website. Here are the result’s from Friday’s draws there were 4 wins in 3 states bringing the Grand Total total to 17 Wins in 5 days.
(Arnulfo, CA)

OMG, thank-you does not seem to say enough. I wish you all the best in life (including
your 1st million) if you are not all ready there yet, hahaha
(Steve, TX)

Thanks Marc, this system WORKS !! I have had many many other systems in the last 20 years
but nothing like this !! I hit 4 times already, 3 times in Florida 545, 151, 606 and 1 in Texas 066 !!!!!!!! that
was since thursday the 11th Thank You So Much
(Steve, Online Player)

You truly have a gift for numbers.
(Sally, MD)

Appreciate you taking the time and effort to do this for us. And a big thank you to Marc, for a great system and the terrific ongoing support you give to your members. Marc, you are the best!
(Amy, IL)

THE HOSPITAL ALL DAY. I couldnt wait the 2 weeks like you suggested to play,
and thats what i am doing now thanks to you not throwing my money away. I
(Mike, TX)

WOW!!!! This is great! Thanks so much for this valuable info! Marc, I just want to thank you for your brilliant, amazing system! You explain it so well and the support and guidance I receive from you is astonishing! You really could charge hundreds (if not thousands) for your system. I am so thankful I found you…
(Karly, IL)

By law, I must tell you nobody can guarantee you will win any lottery game. No lottery system can guarantee you will win every game, every time. It's not possible. The lottery is a game of chance. All I ask is that you carefully read the Cash 3 and Pick 4 lottery system from cover to cover, test it in your home state and then decide if the system works for you then and only then should you consider wagering any money on any game.

I believe that my Pick 3 and Pick 4 lottery system will help you in your daily lotto game play. I provide extensive back testing using real games on games such as Florida Cash 3, Georgia Cash 3, Texas Pick 3, Illinois Pick 3 and many more! I also use REAL and current history files to show you the hits you would have received using my system(s). Be advised, there are no guarantees that you will win any prize since it depends on your ability to read and thoroughly understand the principles involved. My Cash 3 and Pick 4 lottery systems may help in unlocking ANY Cash 3 and Pick 4 lottery game.

For many years my secrets to winning the Cash 3 and Pick lottery games remained my secret. I told no one. Now my secrets to winning the Pick 3 and Play 4 lottery games are revealed and at a price anyone can afford. I want you to win and I believe the games are SIMPLE to win! All you need is the knowledge to "Unlock" the game. In my latest system I show you how to use 1 simple, effective key to unlock any Cash 3 and Daily 4 lottery games, in less than 60 seconds.

Sure, it's not as complicated as my highly acclaimed "How to Win Cash 3" lottery system which exposes the secrets to unlock the games utlizing many keys and strategies to win... but this one, this one is very special in that if you are looking for the simplest and most effective system that can and frequently does produce hit after hit, then this is definitely for you!

My latest release works to unlock the lottery game in less than one minute flat, guaranteed.
It is simple to use and highly effective in many states and since this system is my own copyrighted design, you can be assured of the following;

1. Fully tested and documented in the system manual.
2. Does NOT require pen and paper workouts for any Pick 3 or Pick 4 lottery games!
3. No computer or software required to win Cash 3 or Play 4!
4. Produces Cash 3, Daily 3 and Pick 3 lottery wins PLUS works on Pick 4 lottery games!
5. Simple! Works in ONE MINUTE to UNLOCK the Pick 3 and Pick 4!
6. Never goes cold and works in 95% of states throughout the U.S.A.
7. So simple, a kid can do it. No previous Pick 3 or Pick 4 knowledge necessary to win!

These are factual results! Last weekend February 26, 2010 through March 1, 2010 the simple system produced FOUR Cash 3 wins PLUS 1 Pick 4 win in just 3 days! In another state it produced 2 Pick 3 lotteyr wins in two days! The results speak for themselves and they are documented and explained within the system. Make no mistake this is a very powerful stand-alone system and it works time and time again.

postheadericon Pick 3 Winning Numbers

California: (10/14/11)
Last Draw Used: 825
TGIF Key: "825" (88-22-55-82-25-85)
POI: (25) (79)
CP/VSP (97) (29)
Recent VSR: "77" - "99" - "55"
Last SNR: "234"

Connecticut (10/14/11)
Last Draw Used: 751
TGIF KEY: "751" (77-55-11-75-51-71)
POI: (05)
CP/VSP (02) (59)
Recent VSR: "99" - "44" - "55"
Last SNR: "451"

Florida: (10/14/11)
Last Draw Used: 233
TGIF Key: "233" (22-33-23)
POI: (23)
CP/VSP (08) (42)
Recent VSR: "33" - "88" - "55"
Last SNR: "342"

Georgia: (10/14/11)
Last Draw Used: 849
TGIF Key: "849" (88-44-99-84-49-89)
POI: (None)
CP/VSP: (70) (96)
Recent VSR: "77" - "77" - "77"
Last SNR: "013"

Illinois: (10/14/11)
Last Draw Used: 059
TGIF Key: "059" (00-55-99-05-59-09)
POI: (48) (16)
CP/VSP: (83) (41)
Recent VSR: "77" - "44" - "99"
Last SNR: "345"

Maryland: (10/14/11)
Last Draw Used: 050
TGIF Key: "050" (00-55-05-50)
POI: (None)
CP/VSP (22) (90)
Recent VSR: "77" - "44" - "22"
Last SNR: "567"

Michigan: (10/14/11)
Last Draw Used: 948
TGIF Key: "948" (99-44-88-94-48-98)
POI: (94) (99)
CP/VSP (63) (97)
Recent VSR: "66" - "88" - "99"
Last SNR: “894″

Missouri: (10/14/11)
Last Draw Used: 502
TGIF Key: "502" (55-00-22-50-02-52)
POI: (02)
CP/VSP (52) (01)
Recent VSR: "11" - "99" - "33"
Last SNR: "897"

New York: (10/14/11)
Last Draw Used: 158
TGIF Key: "158" (11-55-88-15-58-18)
POI: (None)
CP/VSP: (33) (21)
Recent VSR: "77" - "99" - "99"
Last SNR: “234″

North Carolina: (10/14/11)
Last Draw Used: 895
TGIF Key: "895" (88-99-55-89-95-85)
POI: (89)
CP/VSP (96) (91)
Recent VSR: "44" - "88" - "99"
Last SNR: "563″

Pennsylvania (10/14/11)
Last Draw Used: 941
TGIF Key: "941" (99-44-11-94-41-91)
POI: (48)
CP/VSP (54) (44)
Recent VSR: "44" - "88" - "99"
Last SNR: "014"

South Carolina: (10/14/11)
Last Draw Used: 637
TGIF Key: "637" (66-33-77-63-37-67)
POI: (None)
CP/VSP (09) (67)
Recent VSR: "11" - "00" - "33"
Last SNR: "459"

Tennessee: (10/14/11)
Last Draw Used: 943
TGIF Key: "943" (99-44-33-94-43-93)
POI: (None)
CP/VSP: (10) (67)
Recent VSR: "44" - "77" - "55"
Last SNR: "234"

Texas: (10/14/11)
Last Draw Used: 968
TGIF Key: "968" (99-66-88-96-68-98)
POI: (None)
CP/VSP: (54) (39)
Recent VSR: "33" - "77" - "77"
Last SNR: "903"

Tri-State (ME, NH, VT): (10/14/11)
Last Draw Used: 634
TGIF Key: "634" (66-33-44-63-34-64)
POI: (44) (03)
CP/VSP: (93) (44)
Recent VSR: "44" - "44" - "44"
Last SNR: "892"

Virginia: (10/14/11)
Last Draw Used: 095
TGIF Key: "095" (00-99-55-09-95-05)
POI: (95)
CP/VSP: (49) (96)
Recent VSR: "22" - "00" - "77"
Last SNR: "676"

postheadericon Win Pick 3 Lottery Games

How to win Pick 3 lottery games

Did you know that 70% of Pick 3 lottery players chase numbers? Number chasing simply means, they don’t stick to their plays allowing adequate time for the numbers to hit. They may play a number for 2 or 3 games and if it doesn’t hit, they switch to some new number. Many find the number they just stopped playing hits a day or two later and then they kick themselves for not going the distance.
A Warrior acts. A fool reacts.
By chasing numbers, you are reacting and doing so with emotion to what the game is showing you. The lottery officials love players like you.
I can change that.
I want you to think of the Pick 3 game differently. I want you to STOP playing the game until there is a REASON to play. This is contrary to what the state lottery offices want. They want you throwing money at the game every day, twice a day and they hope you just ‘think’ of a number or play a Quick Pick number or perhaps a Birthday or your house number. They love it and who wouldn’t, this is a billion dollar a year business to them and the odds are 1,000:1 against you if you play the Pick 3. Did you know that they only pay out half of what they take in? So they are already way ahead and making money.
But this doesn’t help you.
I am about to show you how to become a Pick 3 Warrior and how to increase your chances of winning the Pick 3 without wasting your money. There is no need to play the Pick 3 lottery daily to win it. That is a fool’s game. It sucks you into a gambling habit and that will have you losing money much of the time. A wise person once said “The lottery is a game for people who can’t do math!”
I want you to win.
I am going to show you how to force the Pick 3 game to do all the work for you. All you have to do is look at the winning numbers, twice a day and I will explain exactly what you are looking for. If you see it, then it is time to play. Remember, a Warrior acts, not reacts.
If you are an ‘experienced’ or ‘dedicated’ player, you probably think I can’t teach you anything here… if that is your approach then you are probably right. But, for some reason, you decided to search for a Pick 3 system and I have several… The Pick 3 Warrior, The Pick 3 Cobra, The Pick 3 Panther, The Pick 3 Pyramid, The Pick 3 Puma, The Pick 3 Viper and this, my latest release, “The Pick 3 Monkey” – each works as advertised but they all work in different ways and each is fully illustrated and easy to follow. They all work, but as I said, in different ways so that once you become more experienced, you can implement two or more and perhaps all of them, all at once as they integrate seamlessly with each other. Many members implement several methods to further validate their predictions for the hit. If two or more systems show the same end result that one number is hot to hit, you should take notice as there is a good chance for it to hit fast.
The Pick 3 Monkey compels the Pick 3 lottery game to do all the work. You don’t play, all you do is monitor every draw as it hits. If you see what I know you will see, then commence playing immediately.
You will play the numbers for four games only.
If the number doesn’t hit within four games – walk away and wait for another opportunity to play.
This is the power of the Pick 3 Monkey to win the Pick 3 lottery games.
If you are serious about wanting to win Pick 3 lottery games the Pick 3 lottery monkey can get you on your way to winning the pick 3 games!

postheadericon Win The Pick 3 Lottery

Win the Pick 3 Lottery

New York Numbers

Had you have known my dirty little secret to winning the NY numbers game, you would have won SIX times in only three days, including one very nice Pick 4 win! The secret is to unlock the game and like every lock, you need to know which key to use. Yes, you can unlock any Daily numbers game, including the New York Numbers lottery game, it's fast, quick and easy. Think that was a fluke? Think again... we just had a major win in the Arizona Pick 3 lottery game last night! and in the Washington DC-3 (Dc Lucky Numbers Lottery Game) we had 2 winners in 2 days. My acclaimed 3 Ball lottery system unlocks any state by using 'secret keys' check out the real testimonials from the past 10 days and see why so many people are on the road to financial freedom... here's an email I just received today... "Hi, just wanted to say THANK YOU again, on Friday's draw the number XXX was drawn, so I played the XX's, last night XXX came in, I hammered it online and locally....don't know what to say to you...Thank-You So Much !!!!! XXXX rock !!!! (certain information has been "X" out so as not to reveal too much information!") The email is real and this person is obviously VERY happy today! No matter if it is the New York Daily Numbers Game, or you want to win the Arizona Pick 3 or the Washington D.C. DC-3 daily Numbers game, my system works with them all. If you are looking for a HOT new lottery system that works in 60 seconds flat, you should check out The Pick 3 Warrior and perhaps you will win Pick 3 & Pick 4 in 60 Seconds! This lottery system uses one key to hot the Pick 3 and the Pick 4 too. The system manual is approximately 20 pages in PDF format and filled with step-by-step instructions and CURRENT examples of how well it performs! It's my latest release for sheer simplicity. However the "Win Cash 3 Lottery System" on this site for $49.95 contains many keys and many secrets to unlock any and all Cash 3 lottery games and now includes a FREE (BASIC) Pick 4 lottery system!
My dirty little secret to winning pick 4 and play 4 lottery games. This is the one system lottery officials don't want you to know about. Game play costs $5 game and it can help you to win the Pick 4, especially the Florida Play 4 and Georgia Cash 4 lottery games.

Free Member Downloads; Pick 3 Gold Rush (2013), The Top 10 Best Kept Secrets, The Pick 4 Cash Cow,
The Pick 3 Puma, The Pick 3 Viper, The Pick 3 Panther, The Pick 3 Cobra, The Pick 3 Warrior,
The Pick 3 Pyramid, The Pick 3 Monkey & The Elite Player Manual and more!
(Requires purchase of "The Ultimate Player Pack" to access the Members Only area)

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